Utilization of Kinemaster Apps as Learning Tool in English Language Learning in the New Normal

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IzzatFadhli Hamdan, Salsuhaida Sulaiman, Siti Sarah Maidin, MuhaiminHaziq Mihat, Siti Noor Aneeis Hashim,Biamin Ahmad, Halida Yu, Norshila Shaifuddin


The study's goals are to 1) analyze the capacity to integrate online learning with multimedia usage, and 2) identify the challenges. To teach participants how to use Kinemaster to create multimedia teaching materials. A qualitative descriptive strategy is used by researchers. Survey participants were people interested in studying English education. Sixty-five percent of respondents always use multimedia, twenty-five percent sometimes use multimedia, and fifteen percent seldom use multimedia. A total of 50 percent of students have problems organizing their courses, 25 percent have difficulty managing their time, and 25 percent use the software. There are also issues with networking (42.9 percent), application systems (42.9 percent), as well as electrical energy sources (42.9 percent) (14.3 percent). 62.5 percent of respondents have used the kinemaster application to create multimedia-based learning materials, compared to 38.7% who have not. It was deemed straightforward by 62.5 percent of respondents, yet just 38.7 percent of those polled encountered difficulty. 50% of respondents said that Kinemaster aided their learning, 12.5% said that they weren't benefited, In addition, 38.7 percent of those polled said it was normal.


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