COVID-19 Appropriate Governance Model in Bandipora District of Jammu And Kashmir

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Tavseef Ahmad Mir, Dr. Manvendra Singh


COVID-19 spread rapidly in India. Whether it is the first, second, or third wave, all the states and Union Territories are affected by the outbreak. District Bandipora lies within the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Itspopulation is 392,2329(Census,2011), and it has 119 doctors. This very disease also engulfs this district. Analyzing the relationship between the preparedness of the healthcare system and the responses to the situation caused by COVID 19 is vital in a district marked by a wide range of disparities in socio-economic, demographic, and geographic characteristics.This study applied a hybrid strategy, combining quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.Socio-economic and demographic parameterswere assessed from the publicly available official statistics. Information about the healthcare system in the district was obtained from the office of Director Health Services Kashmir and the Chief Medical Officer Bandipora. Literature Review is also done regarding the utility of standardized healthcare services at the District Level. Questionnaires were also provided to a sample of fifty people, consisting of Doctors, Paramedical staff, and the general public, to get their responses regarding the ability of the current healthcare system to deal with the pandemic.A dynamic management model for the healthcare sector is proposed where technological support, medical consultation, and district administration meet at a single point. This model is based on scientific, administrative, and geographical factors to deliver timely and effective diagnoses and healthcare facilities in the district.

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