Professional Education Features in the Credit Conditions of Teaching

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Zhyldyz Ismanalieva, Gulmira Zhutanova, Busharipa Ukueva, Begaiym Bayieva, Toktaiym Umurbekova, Kanykei Kozhoeva, Aitbu Orozbaeva, Zuura Asanbekova, Uulkyz Choturova, Erkaiym Akbar kyzy, Zhypargul Abdullaeva


This article is investigating professional education features in the credit conditions of teaching as more flexible and efficient way in increasing students’ level of self-education and creative development of knowledge. It ensures graduates academic mobility and their constant demand in the rapidly changing conditions of labor market. Flexible planning of academic programs tailored to the labor market needs and recommendations, including selectivity of 50% curriculum disciplines, teaching quality improvement, intensifying the learning process, introduction of information systems and increasing the students self-reliance role. Credit system teaching role and its differences with traditional education features were analyzed.

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