The Effect of Metacognitive Strategies on the Achievement of Fifth Grade Literary Students in the Principles of Philosophy and Psychology

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Abdul-raheem Abd Abase, Abid Al- Razzaq Mohsen Saud, Al-Amer Abdul Rahman Mahmoud


The research aims to identify the effect  of metacognitive strategies on the achievement of fifth grade literary students in the principles of philosophy and psychology, and in order to achieve the goal of the research, the null hypothesis was constructed. There's no statistically significant differences at the significance level (0.05) among  the average grades of the students of the control group who study according to the usual method in the achievement of the fifth grade students in the subject of principles of philosophy and psychology, the sample of the study was chosen in a simple random way.The selection fell on the preparatory school of the Dujail Martyrs within the Dujail of the Salah Al Din Governarate Education Directorate. Division (A), consolidation of (19) students, was randomly selected to represent the experimental group, while the class represented (B) the number of (19) students of the control group and the two groups were rewarded in the variables (Raven's test of intelligence, academic achievement of the parents and chronological age calculated in months) and the results of the reward were there was no statistically significant difference between the previous variables. The experimental design with post-test was adopted for the control and experimental groups withPartial control, (11) teaching plans were prepared for the experimental group and the same for the control group. The plans were presented to a group of experts and arbitrators to explore their opinions and suggestions for the purpose of examining their validity and based on their opinions, some minor modifications were made. The plans become ready for implementation. An achievement test of a type was also prepared. (Multiple choice) if he formulates (30) paragraphs of the type of multiple choice after determining the objective of the test and the study content and preparation The test map, and after presenting it to the experts, a percentage was approved (80%) for the validity of the paragraphs, and the paragraphs took this percentage, as the difficulty of the paragraphs was extracted and distinguished, as well as the stability of the test. The researcher applied the experience on sample in the second course in 2020 – 2021. The researcher used the spss statistical package program to analyze the data statistically using the t-test for two independent samples, the chi-square, the difficulty distinction equation, the effectiveness of the wrong alternatives, the t-test for two independent samples, and the Keuder_Richardson_20 equation. In academic achievement between the students of the control group and the experimental group, and in favor of the experimental group, the null hypothesis was rejected and the alternative hypothesis was adopted. Based on the results, the researcher recommended a number of recommendations and the suggested.

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