Impact of Developmental Aggression on Self-Esteem in College Students

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Anjana Prusty, Rakesh Sengupta, Priyaranjan Maral, Bishnu Prasad Sahoo


Adolescence is a sensitive period that is accompanied with a common problem of low self-esteem and high aggression. In the present research we tried to understand the difference and relationship between developmental aggression and self-esteem among college students. A total of 331 participants were chosen from different colleges and universities of Odisha, India. Rosenberg Self-Esteem and Buss & Press Aggression scales were used in this study for tapping the self-esteem and aggression among adolescences. The result found that in terms of college students' aggression and diligence, there was a significant difference between boys and girls. In the part of the relationship that is important in the findings, there was a partial significance relationship between developmental aggression and self-esteem. Moreover, in terms of level analysis, the finding suggest that, through most of the participants were at the average level of self-esteem and developmental aggression, and males seem to have more self-esteem associated with aggression than females. Our findings further suggest that factors of age and parent occupation that play a significant role in eruption of high developmental aggression and self-esteem in college students.

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