Performance Analysis of Commonly Used Simulators and Emulators in MANET

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Veepin Kumar, Sanjay Singla


A Mobile Ad-Hoc Network is a collection of wireless mobile hosts that construct a temporary network without the use of a stand-alone infrastructure or centralizedcontrol. Because the nodes in the network are mobile, they self-organize and configure themselves. As real-world tests are expensive and time-consuming, simulation is an important part of studying MANET. Most of the mobile ad hoc network community uses simulation as their research approach.When working with MANET, it's critical to select a simulation environment that meets the researcher's needs and allows them to conduct studies in a specific area.The primary objective of this work is to offer researchers with a performance analysis of several simulators and emulators so that they may choose the best tool for simulating their network and analyzing their proposed research. This research work also discusses the simulation tools along with their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

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