Algorithmic Aspects Of The Variability Of The Content Of Education In Higher Education

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Abror D. Askarov


In general, the credit technology of education has considered as a mechanism built on
variability of educational programs, which are implementing universal traditions of the world
concerning to education that meets international general educational standards. This article
draws attention to the fact that the effectiveness of the credit-module system is directly
related to the variability of the content of training, and analyzes the research aimed at
introducing a variable approach to the curriculum and curricula of universities. In our
opinion, the variation of the content of curriculum and syllabi in higher educational system is
a complex, holistic procedural system, focused on the effectiveness of the results, associated
with integrating some components, which have their specific typological classifications into
the education system. In this research more than 48 university professors-teachers and about
800 students educational institutions have participated in this process. Due to the aim and
objectives of the study, the methods and techniques like pedagogical observation, conducting
electronic questionnaires, conceptual modeling, comparison and analysis have used. The
main stage of the study preparation was carried out from 2018 (April) to 2019 (June) and the
existing problems, functional tasks for the study were identified and methodological
approaches were clarified. At the next stage (July 2019 – October 2021), the factors
influencing the improvement of the curriculum and curricula at universities were considered.
In the course of the study, the mechanism of formation of the variable structure of learning is
revealed, using a conceptual model of variability is proposed, which is associated with the
complexity and distribution of the training content in the form of optimal variants of training
modules. The technology of determining the effectiveness of this model, the reliability of
optimal options and the level of satisfaction of the needs and requirements of the subjects is
proposed. At the end of the study, we came to the conclusion that the variability of the
learning content in the credit-modular system is an adaptation of the general content of the
curriculum, taking into account the needs of consumers and customers, as well as educational

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