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Franklin Thambi Jose. S, J. Preethi, P. Vijaya


Language plays a vital role in everyone’s life. It is a need of a society. Teaching a language is not that much easy. It includes various methods and principles. It is part of education system. The teaching methods start from Grammar translation method, direct method, eclectic method and so on. This article explains a method of language teaching through the new papers. Newspapers give scope for readers to understand the content better, easier and interesting as they have lot of choice in reading. Data are collected from the daily newspaper The Hindu published in the year 2008. A sample of 2 main word classes such as noun and verb are collected as data. Moreover, phrases and idiomatic expressions are collected. This article explains how to use these word classes and other language essentials in language teaching. Several activities can be given to the language learners. The findings of the study is that, mere repetition of looking at particular vocabulary, phrase, sentence structure which helps the learner to develop the habit of learning automatically that sentence or phrase which will help them in producing and understanding similar sentences and phrases in actual communication situations.

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