Modeling of the Long-Term System Dynamics of Salt Removal of Wind and Plant Cover on the Dry Bottom of The Aral Sea

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B.S.Tleumuratova, Zh.Zh.Kublanov , S.M.Mambetullaeva


The article involves the results of the study by methods of mathematical modeling of the
interactive dynamics of the wind removal of salts and vegetation cover at the drained day of
the Aral Sea in the period 1968-2017. A quantitative assessment of the reduction of the
overall projective coating of vegetation was given under the influence of a sulphate salt
aerosol during dust storms. Quantitatively estimated the reverse negative bond, which
consists in the fact that the vegetation cover depending on its density reduces the wind speed
and thereby the power of the removal of salts.
In the model representation, the system dynamics of the wind removal of salts and vegetation
cove SR depends except the specified nonlinear relationship from the dynamics of the land
and the increasing total salt marshes land. Therefore, the patterns of saline on the dried day
and the dynamics of the foci of the wind removal of salts are traced separately.
The modulation results indicate the directional dynamics of the degradation of the ecosystem
of the drained bottom of the Aral Sea, which can be classified as an atypical desertification
due to the specificity of the factor of the large-scale wind removal of salts.

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