Coping with covid: A study of new ways adopted by Bollywood during country wide lockdowns

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Gunjan Sharma, Meenakshi K. Singh


Adaptability has been a substantive character of Bollywood as an industry since its formative years. It has successfully delt with turns and twists of situations in past in its own naïve ways. During recently imposed countrywide complete lockdowns to curb spread of covid 19, Bollywood possibly saw its worst phase as most of its operations ceased at almost every level. There was ban on shooting, offices could not function, post-production came to a halt, exhibitions were stopped, and much more. Like every meritorious industry, Bollywood came up with innovations in the functional framework, technological interjections, and devised manners to cope up with the situation. In its own way, every department of film production devised method to carry on its function during this tough times. This paper aims to present innovative methods adopted and developed by Bollywood, as case studies. Through semi structured interviews, this paper intends to gauge the feasibility and impact of those methods and practices.

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