Workforce Gender Diversity and Performance of Multinational Companies in Nigeria

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Dr. Mrs. OBOREH, Justina , Dr. EGBERI, Kelvin Agbarha, Dr. Mrs. EGBERI, Edith Onyeyime


The main aim of this paper was to investigate the effect of workforce gender diversity on the performance of multinational companies in Nigeria. Using the ex-post facto research design, data were obtained from the annual reports and accounts of ten (10) multinational companies from 2012-2021. Workforce gender diversity was measured using the ratio of women in the boardrooms while performance by return on asset (firm-level measure) and Tobin’s Q (market-level measure). Panel data regression was done to test the research hypotheses of the study.  The empirical results revealed that workforce gender diversity positively and significantly affect organizational performance. Thus, there is the need for management of organizations to pay attention to how the boardroom is composed in order to enhance the performance of multinational companies. Besides, decision-making in the boardroom should not be done with gender-bias, as more opportunity to participate in the decision-making processes of the organization should be given to females.

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