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Kiran Kumar Poloju, Vikas Rao Naidu, Chiranjeevi Rahul Rollakanti, Ram Kishore Manchiryal,Adams Joe


Kobo Toolbox is a free open-source tool (FOSS) used for data collection like google forms, survey monkey, etc. However, this is specially used in remote areas or where the internet facility is uncertain. This toolbox stands out for its advanced features like repetitive questions, and skip logic method and has an advanced mode of questions, including photos, collecting GPS coordinates, audio, and video recordings. This tool could be extremely beneficial in education where there is no cost associated with implementing them. Moreover, this is very easier to collect data by sharing the questionnaire link with anyone and copying the stored data. This practice would be most beneficial for students to collect research data as part of their project study. The benefits from this practice are not limited to data collection for their projects, teamwork, and idea exchange. The entire activity was designed to provide students with a different perspective on data collection in a community of learners. Such a collaborative learning setup improves student learning and engagement outside the class and helps them gain the collaborative skill, a much-needed skill for a successful career. ​Though it is a data collection tool, students can exchange their ideas in the preparation of a questionnaire useful for their group assessment that promotes teamwork and collaborative learning. Especially, when there is no eye contact between students, this might work well for collecting the information among them through sharing the questions on audio/ video mode, etc.  However, this may not use as a discussion for sharing ideas. Moreover, the process of collecting responses from external people might improve the communication with them leading to collaboration with external committees in enhancing their projects. Eventually, it is concluded that this practice is implemented in a few civil engineering modules for the student assessments in one of the reputed institutions in Oman. It was also found that the kobo toolbox has better advantages compared to different data collection tools.

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