Relationship Of Mindfulness and Meaning in Life Among College Students

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S. Srikumaran, M.S. Vidhyashree, V. Padmavathi, B. Rangalakshmi


Mindfulness techniques leads to the experience of calm mind and body which can reduce the negative effects of stress and increase student’s ability to stay engaged, helping them to stay on track academically and avoid behavioral problems. On behalf of that the student’s Mindfulness level is assessed without any implementation of Mindfulness Techniques.  The Mindfulness level includes the increased focus, attention, self-control, classroom participation; compassion thus decreases the stress, depression, anxiety and increases the overall well-being that leads to the experience of greater meaning in life at the moment. The present study was conducted to investigate the relationship of Mindfulness and the Presence of Meaning in Life among the college students. The sample size of this study is 112 (61- Males; 51 – Females) from college around Villupuram district in Random Sampling method through Google forms. The collected data were computed by the Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS) of version 23. To test the Hypotheses t-test, Descriptive statistics, mean, SD and correlation tests were used. The result suggests that Mindfulness is positively correlated with the presence of meaning in life among college students. Given its popularity more research is needed to better understanding of Mindfulness and Meaning in Life (presence, search) among various populations. Further exploration of the results and practical implications are discussed as well.

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