Effectiveness and Utilization of Mobile-Based Language Learning in the EFL Classroom

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Ashari Ismail, Nashrah Hani Jamadon, Aznur Aisyah, NorZaniraAbd Manan, Normalis Amzah, Hasnoor Shima, Zaliha Wahid, Mohd Saleh Abbas


The research was conducted to see how the Smart Sender platform affects learners' attendance, procrastination, motivation, time administration, rapid cognitive processing, and overall enjoyment with their schoolwork and education. Due to the above-collected data via questionnaires on learning motivation and participation, cognitive speed, administration of the time, and various other factors,quantitative and qualitativemethods were utilized to study procrastination rates and attendance, encouragement and involvement, administration of the time, and cognitive speed in this study. Participants' verbal input was gathered via a focus group questionnaire. According to the researchers, Smart Sender is an excellent educational resource for teaching English to learners in philology, international trade, and law, among other fields. Using a 'push' component, automatic distribution of English language online lessons has shown to be effective in reducing dropout and procrastination rates in distance learning environments.The student's motivation, administration of time abilities, and overall contentment improved due to the training. According to the quantitative data acquired from students, attendance, desire and learning participation, time abilities, and thinking speed increased after the intervention, and learners prefer the automated delivery-based language learning technique. The content and method of distribution, in general, met the requirements and expectations of the participants. In the end, the focus group concluded that the intervention had a favorable influence on the overall quality of their learning outcomes.

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