Integrated Analysis of Tomato Plant leaf disease disorder using improved Machine Learning approach

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Sunil S. Harakannanavar, Shridhar H, R. Premananda, Jambukesh H J, Prashanth C R


The idea behind the paper is to bring awareness amongst the farmers about the cutting-edge technologies to reduces diseases in plant leaf. Since tomato is merely available vegetable, the approaches of machine learning algorithms is identified to detect the leaf diseases in the tomato plant. In this investigation, the samples of tomato leaves having disorders are considered. With these disorder samples of tomato leaves, the farmers will easily find the diseases based on the early symptoms. Firstly, the samples of tomato leaves are resized to 256x256 pixels and then Histogram Equalization is used to improve the quality of tomato samples. The K-means clustering is introduced for partitioning of dataspace into Voronoi cells. The boundary of leaf samples is extracted using contour tracing. The multiple descriptors viz., Discrete Wavelet Transform, Principal Component Analysis and Grey Level Co-occurrence Matrix are used to extract the informative features of the leaf samples. Finally, the extracted features are classified using machine learning approaches such as SVM, CNN and K-NN. The accuracy of the proposed model is tested better for CNN on tomato disordered samples.

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