An Analysis of Cyber Crime with Special Reference to Cyber Stalking

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Ms.Sakshi, Dr. Archana Vashishth, Dr.Teena


As we are all aware that the internet and mobile phones have entirely turned the physical world into a virtual one. The Covid 19 pandemic also gives this virtual world a new ray of hope. Everyone now falls under the umbrella of the internet, whether they are school-aged children, adults, or senior citizens. Everyone is using social media or other internet-based platforms to share their precious time. However, in this virtual environment, anyone can disguise or personate his identity in order to commit crime and easily hide. India is advancing toward a digital India, but there are few laws and technological tools in place to address the issue that is arising as a result of this virtual virus. Cybercrime is defined as any criminal behaviour that involves the use of a computer as a tool, target, or weapon.  There are number of cyber crime and cyber stalking is one of them. Cyber stalking refers to following someone using a computer and everything related to a computer that can instill terror in the victim's mind. This study will analyse the meaning and typology of cyber crime. The purpose of this article is to investigate the number of cases increasing in India from 2012-2020. In addition, this research will also look into the meaning, type and reason of cyber stalking. The Indian legal system as well as judicial decision will also be explored in this article.


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