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Yusupov Kuanishbay Baltabayevich


The article discusses the period of formation of the Karakalpaktheater and its peculiarities, scientific-historical-philosophical views on the development of the national theater, which led to the emergence of new cultural views of the people. The article is devoted to the consideration of such phenomena of spiritual life and spiritual production of mancenturies as theater and education. The task is non-standard, i.e. non-trivial understanding of their essence, attempt to look inside, at something that does not lie on the surface, and therefore is not accessible to many. This is especially importantat the present time, in view of the eluding of a contemporary of conceptual ideas and meanings, the loss of which wouldnes this or that phenomenon, including those accepted for understanding in this study. It appears thatthe arrangement of theater and education as phenomena allows one to discover what can and should enrich eachof them as in the strictly philosophical (level of conceptual ideas, worldview, ideological layer),and in practical terms (professional solutions that optimize the perception of the message and its penetration)innovation in the human soul) aspects. This is necessary and important to increase the degree of effectiveness of each of theirthem in their spiritual production. The accumulated theoreticaltechnical experience of recognized specialists in their field. Conceptually, they are philosophers. In practical these are figures in the field of theater. This approach allows us to convincingly prove that each of the consideredspheres of human life and society - this is precisely art. With this approach, the philosophical level providessemantic support, and the practical one allows you to optimally bring and bring to the mind modernkarakalpak national conceptual norms and imperatives, invested and transmitted by the work and its staging.

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