Understanding Brand Engagement and Social Media: A Bibliometric Analysis

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Girish Mudea, Rohini Sawalkara, Vinita Ahirea and SonalMuluka


Purpose: The way brands communicate with their key consumer segments is fast changing thanks to social media. Although there has been a rise in academic interest in the usage of social media in promoting and engaging brands in recent years, these a venues have not been investigated from a  bibliometric  standpoint.  Thus, this bibliometric study looked at the present state of research papers on brand engagement and social media published by dimensions’ database listed journals.

Design/methodology/approach: The data was taken from dimensions.ai. "Brand engagement" and "social media" were the search terms. On October 16, 2021, searches were conducted to create the study data set. To  build bibliometric map, descriptive statistical tools were utilised, and a bibliometric study was per- formed with Biblioshiny, an R-package software.

Findings: We found 483 relevant publications published between 2002 and 2021. According dimensions database record, the number of publications has increased steadily over the last seven years, with “Journal of Product and Brand Management” being first journal with an h-index of 12. Furthermore, findings highlight the current state of development as well as the major trends in terms of impact, other important journals,papers,subjects,authors,andnations.

Practical implications: This article presents an outline of trends in the most prevalent keywords, journals, and researchers of articles on the topics of brand engagement and social media, which has remained a hot area of research in recent time. The implications for marketers and possible future research directions are discussed.

Originality/value: Future researchers will benefit from the authors’ framework of important literature for bibliometrics and altmetrics, which adds to the originality of the work. The selected studies’ findings area one-of-a-kind addition to the field of contemporary marketing because it is one of the first studies to look at brand engagement and social media. It does an in-depth bibliometric analysis of papers and identifies key research trends.

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