A Study of Inward and Outward Migration of North-East India

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Arundhuti Patangia, Bimal Kumar Kar, Ashish Saikia


The process of migration which is a key feature of human history; can be considered as one of the most dynamic human activities. This work mainly focuses on the analysis of the causes of inward and outward migration in North-East India. Considering inter-state migration; North-East India which remained a net negative receiver in 2001, has become net positive during the 2011 Census. Most of the migrants coming to this region from other states/UTs of India are male and their prime cause of migration is recorded as employment and business. On the contrary, out-migration from North-East India to rest of the country is female dominated. Moved with household and marriage are the two major causes behind female-migration in this region as per Census of India, 2011.

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