Complimenting Strategies in Sociolinguistic Settings: The Case of Preachers and Legitimate discourse Pre-Service Teachers

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Jumaa Abofkhedeh


Research on compliments and compliment responses (CRs) across different cultures have shown that there is no universal model using this type of speech act. The present study contributes to the understanding of the cultural similarities and differences in the use of compliment and CRs strategies between Preachers and Legitimate discourse university students. Results show that in terms of compliment strategies, the legitimate discourse group   used compliment and non-compliment strategies more often than the Preachers group. Similar result was also found in terms of the CRs strategies employed.  Overall, Legitimate discourse group had registered more frequent usage of the four macro CRs strategies. Emerging patterns for compliments were also discovered and discussed.  The interplay between culture and language use was underscored by presenting the distinct traits of legitimate discourse and Preachers that were reflected in their compliments and CRs.  Implications on cross-cultural communication as well as English pedagogy were also raised.


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