A Study of Psychological Barriers and Their Influence on English Language Learning of College Students in India

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Dr Preeti


The present study is an attempt to identify the psychological barriers and their influence on the English language learning of College Students at PAN India level. The author had suggested that to study the Demographic profile of the college students and the factors related to the psychological barriers faced by them. For this study, it had been seen that the author had applied the frequency analysis and for the factoring it had been applied the descriptive study by applying the mean score and after that suggesting the best parameters out of all it. The total sample size that had been collected by the author for this study is 100 and the sampling technique that had been applied into it is non probabilistic convenient sampling. Out of this study it had been seen that the maximum number of college students covered under this study are belongs to the male category having their parent’s family business and falling into the high income group of more than Rs. 1,00,000 per month and the psychological barriers for learning the English for the college students are stress, fear of failure, family pressure, inferiority complex and ego problems among them. 

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