The Social Life Of Bhuinmali or Mali-One Of The Recognized Scheduled Castes Of Assam

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Shilpa Hazarika, MaghaliChetia


One of the significant elements of the population structure of India, as well as Assam, is the Scheduled Castes and its sub-castes. In Assamese social life, the constituent has recognized sixteen sub-castes existence. Bhuinmali or Malis also one of those sub-castes. According to Allen Buchanan, they were the dwellers of Ayodhya and Kannauj previously. Now they are amalgamated and mixed with the mainstream of the Assamese community. This paper displays one of the scheduled sub-caste of Assam Bhuinmali or Mali community's brief introduction. Along with that, their family ecosystem, marriage system, the economic and financial lifestyle, etc., certain aspects are also bought into the light to shed focus on the societal lifestyle of the community. Furthermore, there is an effort to assess the other elements associated with the sub casts' social lifestyle.

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