Enablers and Impediments to Organizational Communication Climate in the University

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Dr. Alan P. Taguiam


Organizational communication is hampered by obstacles, and good communication is essential for production. It is not always possible to achieve open or effective communication. The purpose of this study is to identify the factors that promote and hinder the development of an effective organizational communication climate. It makes use of descriptive correlational analysis. According to the findings, the university's chain of command is clearly defined, and the authority to force subordinates to undertake a duty that falls within their job description has been established. When property is utilized to achieve the company's objectives, the chain of authority inside the university establishes who is in charge of issuing instructions, and it adds to the effective attainment of those objectives. The most significant communication barrier in the university is bureaucratic communication, which occurs because there are several offices from which the communication must be downloaded before it can be sent to the intended recipients of the information (210 or51.53). Because of the large number of offices or officials to whom the communication must be downloaded or approved, the flow is extremely slow. Officials at the university, campus, and college levels must take advantage of the high organizational trust and positive communication climate that exists among their constituents in order to assure the success and achievement of the school's goals and mission.

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