Students Perception and Satisfaction towards Flipped Classroom system over Traditional mode of Classroom system reference to Jazan University: A Comparative Study

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Dr. Fatimah Mohammed Ahmed Burayk


There has always been a growing controversy about selection of the Flipped classroom system over the traditional mode of classroom system and the vice-versa. However, especially after the COVID-19 the usage of Flipped Classroom system has increased and have taken different shapes in the form of Virtual mode. While the benefits of a flipped learning system have been acknowledged, a lack of learning pleasure remains a barrier to its widespread implementation. Therefore, the present study tries to make a comparative analysis about the student perception and satisfaction level in both the Traditional and Flipped classroom mode of system with reference to Jizan University in Saudi Arabia.

Different faculties of the Jizan University, Saudi Arabia students’ responses were taken into consideration to test the most preferability mode of the students learning mode system (Traditional learning system v/s Flipped classroom style).

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