The Role of Al-Sham’s Soldiers in the Islamic Land and Sea Conquests

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Dr.Adnan Ahmad Lababneh


The study aims at casting light on the Ummayyad military role in the expansion of the Islamic state. Soon after the completion of the command occupation of Umayyad caliphs in Damascus were emboldened to expand the Islamic empire territory to extend to the north and south of Asia, Egypt, Morocco, and Mesopotamia Andalus. This expansion was achieved by weakening the enemy represented by the Persians and beg entire which was culminated by the success of the Ummayyad dynasty in its spreading the Islamic civilization and military power in its struggle with its enemies.

Then the Islamic state under Banu Umayyad was able to prevail justice, security, and peace, together with brotherhood and paternity spent between its righters and the people of the occupied lands.

Umayyad caliphs could build a quite strong and well-equipped naval fleet in a relatively short period. The building and establishment of this naval power helped them to defeat and destroy the historically well-reputed Roman navy in two battles which were: Zat Al-sawary and Cyprus a situation that assisted them to dominate all the Mediterranean Sea coast up to the Atlantic Ocean.

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