Enhancing The Efficacy of Organisational Competitive Advantage Through Employee Empowerment

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Sunny K.G , Neha Yajurvedi


The present paper look into a vital question that how managers can approach and execute a sound employee empowerment program, advantages of the program whether in the knowledge sector or in the field of business and achieve advantages of such   programs leading to the organisations competitive advantage. As we push forward in the present quick moving business climate, it is basic for an organisation to have a profoundly talented, skillful, fulfilled work power. In a highly competitive and changing environment where knowledge and technology keep changing from time to time, organisations that aim at higher performance must give due importance to empower its employees. This is particularly true in the modern education sector where knowledge and technology is the subject of change invariably.

Employee empowerment is said to benefit all organisations because empowered employees are equipped with the skill and power to respond more quickly as the need arise and are more engaged in providing the right solution. In the current global competition, it becomes imperative for the organisations to achieve higher levels of efficiency and productivity to be in the race in order to outsmart the competitors. Employee empowerment is a much talked about thought in hierarchical examination and in the realm of the executives practice. Previous studies have revealed that to create a sense of responsibility and valued at workplace, employees’ must be empowered. A growing body of evidence suggests that to accomplish employee empowerment the organisation, all in all, should go through a broad change measure. Enabling employees is a hierarchical change that should start with the executives.

The current review pointed toward inspecting the effect of employee empowerment on achieving at a better degree of competitive advantage through employee empowerment including various factors some of them like security, preparing, Incentives and so forth. This paper additionally investigates the idea and meaning of employee empowerment its development, its relationship to reasonable competitive advantage and the means to be taken to further develop employee empowerment measure.

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