Arts of Living and Occupational Therapy for Depressed Youths Living Away from Home in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Thanyalak Boonlue, Prateep Peuchthonglang


This qualitative research carried out the following objectives: 1) to study depression of youth living away from home in Chiang Mai 2) to create an occupational therapy for depressed youths living away from home in Chiang Mai, and 3) to propose a guideline for the empowerment of depressed youth living away from home in Chiang Mai. The participants were 15 depressed youths who studied for a bachelor's degree in higher education institutions in Chiang Mai. Purposive sampling was applied in this study. The quantitative data was analyzed by descriptive statistics whereas a qualitative data was evaluated by content analysis. The research results found that 1) Living away from family and close friends was one of factors that caused depression in youths because they would have to make a physical and social adjustment 2) Occupational therapy for depressed youths living away from home consisted of five principles (valuing inner experience, learning together with compassion, respecting youths' experiences and needs, providing a sense of safety and support, and learning to change) and six processes (Clarification of processes, opening of learning areas, self-assessment and life goals, life planning, support for the implementation of the life plan, and evaluation of the learning outcomes). 3) There are guidelines for empowering depressed youths who lived away from home: intention to improve themselves, time-allocation to participate in the process, a variety of simple-to-understand learning techniques, a welcoming learning environment, attentive and compassionate event organizers, friends who encourage one another, and learning from experienced individuals.

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