Strategic Management Perspective: Analysis and Case Study

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Naser Abdelhamid Hasan Almualla


This capstone paper consists of two parts, a review of strategic management and leadership in modern organizations and a case study of an organization that analyzes how strategic management and leadership in the organization is approaching the various issues faced by the organization, such as management, sustainability and other issues related to the workforce. Strategic management and leadership of an organization play a pivotal role in the overall health of the organization.  Numerous companies that have failed financially or have struggled to survive were the victims of management and leadership straying from strategically setting the appropriate procedures in clarifying the direction towards their goals and vision.

The term “strategic management” encompasses several related terms and components of management in general. Under the umbrella term of strategic management, there are many processes and components, such as planning, leadership, implementation, talent management, and innovation, to name a few. This paper will begin by clarifying stable definitions pertaining to strategic management such as Strategic Leadership, Sustainable Strategic Management, Strategic Planning and Implementation, Organizational Strategic Alignment, Strategic Talent Management and Engagement of Human Resource, Learning Organization, Fostering Innovation, The Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Work Environment, The Resilient Organization, The Triple Bottom Line, Systems and Design Thinking. The case study will examine an organization by providing a narrative of its history, discussing its structure, and commenting on its culture. Then the study will highlight some of the problems that strategic management and leadership failed to correct by not addressing, and thus condoning them.

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