The moderation role of organizational culture between leadership styles and service quality in oil and gas companies in United Arab Emirates

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Suhail Saeed Almuharrami, Nor Azah Binti Abdul Aziz


This study is motivated by several issues within the UAE oil and gas industry. It includes the low service quality addressed within the sector, as well as the sudden transformation within the oil and gas sector due to the by appointment of new leaders. Despite their effort of adopting new strategies to lower the product cost, it leads to low satisfaction among the customers. Following the review of the previous literature, this study nominated three leadership styles that are related to the area of leadership styles, service quality, and organizational culture. The sample size for the current research was 384 respondents for the population which is represented by the employees hired by oil and gas providers. The finding of this study showed a significant moderation of the organizational culture between transformational, transactional leadership styles and the service quality, while there was no evident of significant moderation role found between authentic leadership style and service quality.

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