The Effectiveness of Reading Counseling Using Augmented Reality Technology to Develop Female Psychology Students’ Awareness towards Relaxation and their Attitudes at Najran University

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Rahma Ali Alghamdi, Hala Alhag Alameen Sulieman


This study aimed to reveal the effectiveness of reading counseling using augmented reality technology to develop female psychology students’ awareness towards relaxation and examine their attitudes towards it at university. To achieve the objectives of the study, the quasi-experiment with a pre-post design for two groups was used. The study sample consisted of (81) female students of the psychology program at the undergraduate level in the College of Education at Najran University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The control group consisted of (37) female students, and the experimental group consisted of (44) female students. To collect the data, two instruments were used, namely: a questionnaire about awareness towards relaxation, and a questionnaire about attitudes towards relaxation after verifying the validity and reliability of the instruments in the Saudi context. The results showed that there were statistically significant differences in the means of the posttest in the awareness of relaxation and attitudes towards it in favor of the experimental group. The study recommended the need for Saudi universities to pay attention to students and to adopt a method of reading counseling based on augmented reality technology. 

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