A Study of Organizational Culture & Work-Life Balance on Employee Branding: with reference of Higher Education in India

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Mala Sharma, Pratibha Verma


The purpose of the study to examine and analyze that how organizational culture and work-life balance play a vital role in employee branding in any educational organization. As far as India is considered the one of the largest organizations in the world.  Since 2012 India is reaching the heights developing resources to increasing large number of private higher educational institutes in all over the India covering the imbalances the gap of regional areas.  Higher education system in India consists large number of different types of universities, colleges, institutions in terms of their administrative, academic and financial measures. Competent organizations known for their employee fleet. Such organizations believe in employee as a brand ambassador.  Organization culture consists essential values, principal beliefs, outcomes require for academic excellence. Work-Life balance plays a significant role in employees’ performance with productive outcomes. Competing environment of higher educational institutes demands workplace flexibility. A sample of 185 academic and non-academic staff from 5 higher educational institutes were conducted from Delhi NCR region.


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