Governance and institutionalism in a public university in central Mexico during the COVD-19 era: Empirical testing of a model

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Javier CarreónGuillén


Institutionalism has been studied from an isomorphic approach, which supposes the reflection of state policies in institutional procedures, as would be the case of flexibility (intensive division of labor), informality (runaway job protection) and multilateralism (process synchronization). The objective of this article was to specify a model for the study of the phenomenon, by establishing the reliability and validity that measures three of the dimensions in question. A non-experimental study was carried out with a non-probabilistic selection of 100 teachers, administrators and students from a public university in central Mexico subject to certification processes. From a structural model it was found that flexibility was established as the reflecting factor of the new institutionalism construct, recommending the contrast of the construct that was explained by three factors up to of its variance.


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