Bibliometrics Analysis in Articles of Bullying in Children

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Amelia Vinayastri, AwaluddinTjalla, Ryan Arthur


Research on child bullying is a topic that is mostly carried out by researchers which is shown in bibliometric result using the Publish or Perish application and VOSviewer. Bibliometric analysis using data from Scopus, Google Scholar and Crossref produced 1,400 articles on child abuse from 2017 to 2022. The article entitled “Bullying in schools: the state of knowledge and effective interventions” written by E Menesini, C Salmivalli was published in the journal Psychology, health & medicine is the article with the highest number of citations, namely 542 citations. Bibliometrics using VOSviewer shows three main topics regarding child bullying, namely victims of bullying, students and relationships. Child abuse is divided into 6 clusters with cluster 1 consisting of 84 links and 45 items, cluster 2 consisting of 121 links and 28 items, cluster 3 consisting of 59 links and 27 items, cluster 4 consisting of 80 links and 16 items, cluster 5 consisting of 50 links and 13 items, and cluster 6 consisting of 50 links and 2 items. The result from bibliometrics can be used to analyze research on child bullying by emphasizing preventive programs, handling victims of bullying and positive interactions between students.


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