An Analysis of Impact of HRM in EPM with specific reference to Manufacturing sector

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SivaShankari R, Dr.P. Radha


This study discusses in detail about the impact of HRM on EPM in manufacturing industry. The HRM practices could contribute and support to the creation, utilization and addition of knowledge about the Man Management practices being followed in industry. EPM is considered to be one of the interior ideas, processes, approaches, methods and techniques of HRM. It is so effective and proficient that not simply assist the enterprise understands its strategic goals and objectives but also improve and increase the management capacity and operational efficiency .The simple Random sampling method is used to identify the respondents. The HR managers of the manufacturing industries were selected as respondents. 75 respondents were selected for this study. The universe size is 250 and the method of descriptive study was used to describe the elements of study. The study showed the result, out of 75 respondents maximum number of the respondents (98.7) percentage was agreed that there is a relationship between human resource management and EPMin the manufacturing sector. In addition to this, the study also examined the result based on the human resource management process is most important in the manufacturing industry and showed the result that out of 75 respondents, there are maximum number of respondent with 96 percentage were agreed that all the factors of Human Resource Management process are important in a manufacturing sector. : The concept of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) was considered in the study which is unique in nature as no study by taking the respondents from Coimbatore has been carried out by any researcher. The impact of EPM on HRM was analyzed through systematic approach to find out the impact and its implications.

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