A Conceptual Framework about Centrality of Brand for You tuber (You tube Celebrity) in India: Critical Literature Review

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Dr. Lokesh Jasrai, Dr. Suresh Kumar Kashyap


YouTube is a substance network that permits clients to upload, review, sharing, and make comment videos on the site. YouTube nowadays becoming big hot spots for marketing teams to promote their products as if we go through some facts, we came to know that globally advertising revenues of you tube is 4.7 billion US dollars as of quarter-4 (2019), which shows a growth of 30.5% over last year that makes You tube biggest online video platforms globally. Themain goal of this study is to design a conceptual model of Centrality of Brand and explored the model for human brands (You tube celebrity). To perform this study the research tool used is an extensive literature review. The result depicts a conceptual model in which brand love leads to brand devotion with some moderation effects and that further lead to Centrality of brand and also it indicates that this model is not only limited to the materialist brands, it is also applicable to human brands like You tubers (You tube celebrity).


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