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Dwarakanath G V, Shivakumara T, Shraddha


The significance of GDP may be observed in the fact that it gives information on the size and performance of an economy. The rate of growth of real GDP is widely used as an indicator of the overall health of the economy. In general, a growth in real GDP is viewed as a sign that the economy is performing well. This project aims is to predict the world’s GDP by using machine learning and also calculate their year to year growth .Every year to year GDP is fluctuating it is important to know the current and importance of the factors which is affected for the country’s GDP. By showing this thing in a graph it is easy to understand. This research based project also calculating the importance of features affected for the calculation of the GDP. It is very useful for the viewer to view the GDP growth of the different countries and also they can see the best and worst predict performance.


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