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Elena G. Khrisanova, Jhanna I. Aytuganova, Mikhail K. Kazakov, Liliia A. Metelkova, Aziza D. Azizova, Irina G. Kartushina, Larisa I. Tararina


The global network in the modern world has a great impact on the development of all spheres of society. Today, many practices are implemented in the virtual space, which until recently could only exist in the real world. Over the past few years, the blog has become one of the most popular formats for constructing virtual communication with other users. The purpose of the study is to identify the characteristics of bloggers, their profiles, as a new subject of the virtual space and as professionals. Research methods: as a research method, a questionnaire survey was used as a method of collecting information, which allows us to identify the features of virtual communication phenomenon and the personality features of professional bloggers. Research results: the article considers the features of bloggers professional identity, establishes the origin and essential features of professional blogging phenomenon. The novelty and originality of the research lies in the fact that for the first time the phenomenon of communication in the Internet space is considered. The following qualities of a blogger are considered: adequacy, creativity, sociability, stress tolerance, responsibility, honesty to the audience, usefulness, diligence, professionalism. It is revealed that one of the main requirements for bloggers is their ability to express their thoughts clearly. It is determined that the more a blog is maintained, the more carefully bloggers work through the texts, build a publication plan, think about what and why to post, and determine the timing for publications. The pros and cons of blogging have been proven. The advantages include freedom, doing what you like; self-realization; new acquaintances; demand; promotion of your activities; popularity. Among the disadvantages of blogging as a profession were: lack of consistency, no guaranteed earnings; high competitiveness; working hours; public criticism, public discussion of your activities; no obvious career growth; condemnation from the older generation; in the absence of the Internet, it will not be possible to blog. The criteria of a professional blogger are defined as follows: the regularity of publications; a certain topic of the blog; blogging in the same style; the usefulness of the broadcast information; the audience recognition in the form of the number of subscribers, likes, comments. Practical significance: The data obtained in this work can be used in social psychology, labor psychology, as well as for further theoretical development of this issue.

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