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Galina P. Novikova, Vitaly V. Tomin, Liudmila G. Shabalina, Elena A. Andreeva, Evgeniya M. Sukhodolova, Nikolay A. Mashkin, Kirill P. Grabovyy


The relevance of this article is to study the phenomenon of communication and self-presentation in the field of blogging. Currently, the Internet allows users from all over the world to build communication at a new level. The Internet has not only increased the speed of communication, making us more mobile, but also provided a wide variety of forms of information available for transmission. The purpose of the study is to identify the main characteristics inherent in blogs’ communication. Research methods: as a research method, a questionnaire survey is used as a method that allows quickly and effectively to investigate the features and problems that arise in the process of communication and self-presentation in the field of blogging. Research results: the article analyzes private practices of blogging to determine professional self-identification in a virtual environment, defines the specifics of blogging and the characteristics of bloggers as a new subject of virtual communication. The novelty and originality of the research lies in the fact that for the first time the phenomenon of self-presentation through communication in the network is considered. It is determined that the virtual identity is more mobile than the real one. Popular topics of blogs are identified: about beauty and style; about fitness; about travel; about food; cultural observers; about health; about business; about motherhood; about hobbies; humorous; political; educational. The main goals of creating a blog are proved: a personal diary; a desire to share your activities (your life) with people, i.e. public intimacy; popularity, promotion of yourself, your activities. It is revealed that the more often a blogger publishes information, the more seriously he/she treats the selection of content, both visual and textual. It is proved that most of the time for creating posts is spent by culinary bloggers. It is revealed that the main income of the majority of the surveyed bloggers comes from their activities in real life. It is determined that bloggers consider it acceptable to post advertising posts, but only if the advertised product or service is personally tested, it is of high quality, and can be useful to their subscribers, i.e. it fits harmoniously into the blog content. The practical significance of the data obtained in this work lies in their use in educational psychology, labor psychology, marketing, social psychology, as well as for further theoretical development of this issue.


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