Employee stress and its impact on the performance of LIC employees in Tirunelveli District

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Thiru. A. K. SHUNMUGA SELVAN, Dr. P. Abraham


Employees are the pillars of an organization and they play a crucial role in making the organization a successful one. The employees face work stress in any kind of field, but when the field has a lot of competition, the stress increases. In the field of insurance, until a few years ago, the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) was the only company that offered insurance services to the citizens of the country. But, in recent times, many private players have entered the market and this has increased the burden on LIC to perform well and face the competition. This automatically increases the stress upon the employees of the organization which could also impact their performance. Thus, the present research will analyse the stress level of the employees working in LIC and how it affects their work performance. A total of 417respondents were chosen for the study and the data was collected from them. Respondents were chosen by a method called "purposive sampling." Only people who belong to LIC were chosen. Confirmatory factor analysis was used to confirm the validity and reliability of the measurement tool and  Structural Equation Modelling was used to find out the influence level between independent variable and dependent variable with a mediator, and AMOS software were used to look at the relationship among all the variables. The research revealed that the stress of the employees affects their work performance.

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