Impact of Covid-19 on higher education in India: A literature review

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Sangita Borah, Nandita Chitrakar


Due to national wide lockdown from 23 March 2020 all educational institution including colleges and universities remain close physically and online learning has become the alternative method of teaching-learning process. In India, while this change has been come all private universities, public or government universities adapted online learning as a substitute of traditional or face to face learning method. But there have also been debates on the nature of classes, and the future of examination and evaluation, whether examination could be conducted online or not. As there was no other option online examination takes place in higher education till now and this sudden changes influence whole education system. This paper will discuss the problems faced by the students in India who are pursuing higher education during thisCovid-19 pandemic. The Investigator conducted this study to show the impact of Covid-19 on higher education and tries to find out the positive & negative impact of covid-19 on the teaching-learning and evaluation process at college and university level in India. Some suggestions have also been pointed out in this paper with regard to how we can cope up with the new method of teaching & learning process to improve the experience of both teachers and learners in future.


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