Dentistry finding a ray of hope in COVID pandemic!!!

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Darshana Bennadi, Mythri H, Sibyl S, Veera Reddy, Basavaraj Halli, Sreepradha C.


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a declared global pandemic. COVID-19 pandemic has brought the occupation of dentistry at the darkest side. Dental warriors have become transmitter and affectors of coronavirus. So due to this pandemic, the dental practice has become like double edged sword. The COVID-19 has devasting impact on dentistry across the globe. To overcome this situation, dentists are facing many challenges towards quality care, infrastructure improvement and shift of their focus of treatment etc. This review with a title  “Dentist finding a ray of hope in COVID pandemic!!! which details about challenges faced  protection measures and shift of treatment plan- in short dentists have to make there weakness into strengths as a ray of hope.

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