CFD Analysis of light vehicle engine to increase heat transfer by using different types of fins

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Vipin Mehta, Sanjay Katarey, P L Verma


In internal combustion engine heat losses from combustion chamber through the cylinder wall strongly influences the thermodynamics of the engine cycle and an important part of the energy balance thatinfluences gas temperature and pressure, engine performance and emissions.  The primary object of the present work to increase the heat transfer rate from existing cylinder block, for that three design is proposed in which one is actual design and other two is new proposed design.  Mathematical and analytical  studies  were  performed  in  order  to  optimize  geometrical parameters for natural convective heat transfer from Actual cylinder block and proposed design of cylinder block for geometrical optimization. The transient thermal analysis in ANSYS v16.0 was performed on two different ambient temperatures; the first one is on 25oC & another one is on  45oC.  Since the  maximum  temperature  developed  on  all  types  of  cylinder  block  design  is same  but  the  lower  temperature  is  much  below  in  proposed  design-2  is  attended.  Hence  the proposed  design  -2  of  cylinder  block  has  better  performance  and  heat  dissipation  from  the heating zone in the IC engine.


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