Disconnect to Reconnect: Employee Wellbeing through Digital Detoxing

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Umasankar M, Boopathy S, Padmavathy S, Leena N Fukey, Rubee Singh


The human life on the earth moving far from eco life and marching towards a digital life. In the 21st century, any white-collar employee cannot imagine a gadget-free work practice in his/her work life. While the Digital workplace becomes the order of the day, employee wellbeing became the million-dollar question that needs an answer.  Will digital wellbeing possible through digital detoxing? This paper aimed to address the issues in achieving employee wellbeing at the digital workplace and provide a viable solution to ensure digital wellbeing in the post covid era. Few of the existing literature answers become contrary after the implementation during the pandemic. Holding this as a research gap, this research would be carried out using descriptive research design with survey technique using a structured questionnaire containing multiple constructs measuring various aspects of employee digital detoxing and digital wellbeing. The study's target population would be the Employees working in the IT sector who has adopted remote work. A simple random sampling technique will be assumed to reach them and collect primary data. This research would incorporate prevailing changes in the current working condition due to covid-19 and tries to bring a great addition to the existing body of knowledge. This study proposes a conceptual model with multiple constructs tested on the Structural Equation Modelling technique using AMOS. Few of the study outcomes may contrast with the existing literature and suggest the practitioners' implications in human resource management by bringing a new dimension to employee wellbeing.

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