Integrating Ethics and Entrepreneurship Skills in English Language Teaching Case Study: The Transition of Senior Students to Higher Education

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This paper notes the importance of integrating ethics and entrepreneurship skills in education and gives seven ethical habits that have been used in a training program with senior students. The transition from a high scholar to a university student seeks to win both personal and public victories. Besides knowledge and information gained at school, what students need is other skills to be acquired by the time they enter university. This paper explores the benefits of ethics in preparing high school students to move to a new chapter of life. The main purpose of the case study was to analyze how students respond to different ethical habits while they are preparing to enroll at university.  A case analysis used in five workshops related to Ethics and an Entrepreneurship Study Visit with senior students is described, and the benefits of improving effective habits are discussed. The results of the survey lead to suggestions, grounded in education, for addressing ethics explicitly and for developing a critically reflective perspective toward integrating ethical values and entrepreneurship skills into the ELT classroom. The findings showed that most of the participants recognized ethics as an essential part of their personal and professional development while their views differed in ranking some habits.

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