Sustainable Wellbeing Quality of Buddhist Meditation Centre Management During Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19) in Thailand Using the Quality Function Deployment (QFD), and KANO Analysis

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Sharma Khemraj, Dr. PhramahaChakrapolAcharashubho Thepa, Asso.Prof. Dr. Hsinkuang Chi, Dr. WannYih Wu, Dr.Sasmita Samanta


The study is urgently ordered sustainable wellbeing to satisfy and develop quality adaptation for current situation along the outbreak of COVIT-19, then the service are cared and used to all practitioner satisfaction. It is critical for the Buddhist Meditation Center (BMC) in this area to develop a better perception of their practitioners' genuine requirements. The applying of techniques analysis major of the quality function deployment (QFD) that used qualitative method for empirical data collection from 270 final samples meditation practitioners, three BMC, and include 5 meditation masters with the measuring of AHP and Kano analysis. The outcome was a set of significant weights and enhancement initiatives that BMC administrators could use to evaluate their present service measuring and make reclamation as required to secure service quality. Investigate the correlate matrix between BMPRs versus TOPSs and the step 5 measure e.g., the matrix of T8 = 22.49% is spray disinfectants in every area, the second T9 = 12.97% is strictly measured to prevent entry-exit. The ranking as the most important and indicators with top priority R8 = 15.20% is provided seats for BMPs spacing 1-2 meters between individuals.

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