Relationship of Childhood Sexual Abuse with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder During Adulthood

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Munia Bhattacharya , Prof. Dr. Anjali Midha Sharan


People's personalities and feeling of self-worth are shaped by their upbringing, according to several studies. A person's life will be ruined if they were molested as children, especially if the abuse was sexual. This might lead to a host of problems as an adult. In adults, a link between childhood sexual abuse (CSA) and the severity of OCD has been hypothesised. In to one study, adult OCD is associated with childhood sexual abuse.

Methods: It's an investigation that's both descriptive and exploratory. The study was carried out at "W Pratiksha Hospital" and other practise clinics. The study comprised a total of 50 OCD sufferers, ages ranging from 18 to 60, who participated. A pre-made questionnaire was used to collect the data we required from the participants (the Y-BOCS and the CSA).

In this study, patients tended to be between the ages of 31 and 40, with 44% of them falling within that range. The majority of CSA incidences were seen in female OCD patients. Adult obsessive-compulsive tendencies like OCD are linked to childhood sexual abuse, according to the research. When a youngster has been sexually assaulted, they are more prone to acquire OCD in adulthood (OCD).

Adults with CSA and OCD have a strong connection, according to the results of new study. Adding to the increasing amount of evidence that OCD or child abuse are connected, the findings of this study.


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