Research on the coupling development of the ‘She’ ethnic culture and tourism in Jingning under the background of cultural tourism integration —Taking the ‘Sanyuesan’ festival culture of ‘She’ people in Jingning as an example

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Yang Wang, Nataporn Rattachaiwong


Under the background of cultural tourism integration, taking the ‘Sanyuesan’ (March 3rd) festival culture of ‘She’ ethnic group in Jingning, Zhejiang Province as the representative, this research explores the significance, value and approaches of the coupling development of the ‘She’ ethnic traditional and local tourism. Using the research methods of literature collation and field investigation, it discusses the advantages of Jingning traditional cultural tourism development, including policy resources, geographical location and characteristic culture. By analyzing the practical problems of Jingning cultural tourism, this research puts forward that Jingning should attach importance to the overall interests, factor guarantee, endogenous driving force, protection mode and traditional culture development. It should also improve the supporting facilities, enhance the tourism management, build the tourism brand, deepen the tourism experience, and establish the tourism community by strengthening the government's leadership, scientific planning as well as guidance, so as to promote the coupling development of traditional culture such as the ‘Sanyuesan’ festival of ‘She’ ethnic traditional culture and tourism. The purpose and meaning of this research is mainly meant to provide intellectual support for the cultural self-confidence growth, intangible cultural heritage protection, cultural and tourism integration and rural revitalization of the ‘She’ ethnic group in Jingning.

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