Ethical Education During Ly – Tran Dynasties

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Nguyen Phan Thi Thuy Dung


The educational content of the Ly - Tran dynasties was strongly influenced by the educational purpose: to educate knowledge, improve spiritual life; in order to train talented people and scholars to maintain social stability and development and to improve the national spirit and patriotism for the people of Dai Viet at that time. In order to achieve the educational goals set out, the educational thought of the Ly - Tran dynasties focused on the role of moral education.  The content of moral education is considered to be the most prominent thought in educational thought of this dynasties. This article mainly focuses on introducing ethical education during Ly - Tran dynasties, which is clarified through the following basic contents: the appreciation for ethical education as a human; concerns towards educating ethical standards in society; views in terms of cultivating personal ethics in society during the Ly - Tran dynasties.

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