The Effect of Teaching Mathematic Supported by Microsoft teams on the Students’ Mathematical Skills in a College Course in Jordan

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Khaled Ahmed Aqeel Alzubi


The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of Teaching mathematic supported by microsoft teams on student’s mathematical Skills in a college course in Jordan. This study was conducted as experimental design experimental and control groups were composed of 80 Students of mathematic principles course from first semester in the 2021-2022 educational year in the Hashemite University. The subject of the study was three units (algebraic operation, percentages change, graph of lines and curves) of textbook, The control group using a traditional white board and the experimental group was taught using by microsoft teams. An achievement test as a pre- test and post- test was used to investigate the success of both groups. The effects have been evaluated through the usage of the software SPSS. Findings and outcomes disclosed that the experimental crew out per fashioned the control team with recognize to their achievements. The microsoft groups regarded to have vast results on the achievements of students as a result. These findings exhibit that the usage of teaching mathematic supported via microsoft teams has effective consequences on the student’s mathematical skills. These results are supported by using some different researcher’s findings.


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