Empowerment of Women Through Urban Local Governance With Special Reference to Guwahati Municipal Corporation, Assam

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Topu Choudhury, Juti Rani Devi


Empowerment of women is a global issue and discussions on the political rights of the women and their place in decision making processes are at the fore front of most of the countries of the world.  Undeniably women possess the capacity and quality of leading the society in right and developmental path, if given a chance. The concept of women empowerment has become a centre point in the larger political scenario. The participatory politics has been immensely contributed by it.. Unfortunately, not many women are aware about their empowerment, their social and political rights and also about the workings of urban local governance though they constitutes half of the urban population. The effective participation of women can strengthen the urban governance. So, it is pertinent to study the issue of women empowerment through urban governance. This research paper attempts to study the empowerment of women through urban governance and also to examine the challenges or constraints if any faced by women related to their empowerment.



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